The Basic Research of Shaykh Ahmad ibn 'Ajiba Translated by Abdalkhabir al-Munawwarah and Hajj Abdussabur al-Ustadh.
Revised and edited by Shaykh Abdalqadir as-Sufi
Al-Futuhat al Ilahiyya fi Sharh al-Mabaahith al-Asliyya
being the commentary by Shaykh Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn 'Ajiba al-Hasani
on the poem of Ibn al-Banna of Saragossa

352 pages PB 1998 . Reprinted 2004 Malaysia


A note on the text.
Chapter 1 The Basis page 20
Chapter 2 -The Benefits page 52
Chapter 3 The Rules page75-242

1.The Shaykh
5. Courtesy
6. Sama'
7. Travelling and Visiting
8. Begging
9. Education and Instruction

Chapters-4 The Refutation 242
Chapters-5The Denial 311

.................Then the author begins to speak about the subject itself, and he says:

O you who inquire about the practices of the faqir, you have asked about something which is difficult to elucidate.

About the Author

Ahmad ibn 'Ajiba (17471809) was an 18th-century Moroccan saint in the Darqawa Sufi Islamic lineage. He was born of a Hasani sharif family in the Anjra tribe that ranges from Tangiers to Tetuan along the Mediterranean coast of Morocco. As a child he developed a love of knowledge, memorizing the Qur'an and studying subjects ranging from Classical Arabic grammar, religious ethics, poetry, Qur'anic recitation and tafsir.
When he reached the age of eighteen he left home and undertook the study of exoteric knowledge in Qasr al-Kabir under the supervision of Sidi Muhammad al-Susi al-Samlali. It was here that he was introduced to studies in the sciences, art, philosophy, law and Qur'anic exegesis in depth. He went to Fes to study with Ibn Souda, Bennani, and El-Warzazi, and joined the new Darqawiyya in 1208 AH (1793), of which he was the representative in the northern part of the Jbala region. He spent his entire life in and around Tetuan, and died of the plague in 1224 AH (1809). He is the author of a considerable number of works and a Fahrasa which provides interesting information concerning the intellectual center that Tetuan had become by the beginning of the 19th century.

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