A Guide For Hajj and Umra

Anis Daud Mathews
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Guide for Hajj and ‘Umrah. It is an enlightening spiritual and practical guide for the sacred journeys of Hajj and ´Umrah. It´s a guided tour through a number of very meaningful emotional and religious experiences. But it´s also so much more… It is a journey of self-discovery as well as the discovery of Islam. It´s a primer on Islamic practices that will undoubtedly intrigue and captivate both Muslim and Non Muslim audiences through engaging story-telling. • Th e text itself is well written and simple, getting straight to the heart of the matter of proper religious observance and practice on what may rightly be called the pilgrimage of a lifetime… • The photographs displayed near the end of the book are astounding and original, especially for readers from Non Muslim countries, who have in all probability never before seen such sights as the spellbinding, pure-as-snow brightness of Masjid-Nabawi at night, or the sober splendor of the Prophet’s Mosque. • Interspersed with the practical maps, tips and guides that all pilgrims will appreciate are the most beautiful and heartfelt invocations and prayers to Allah, the Most Powerful and Compassionate, as well as a thrilling narration of Islam’s early history and lore. Particularly moving and evocative is the beautifully retold beginning of sa’ee, “the struggle” as an act of absolute trust in Allah, as displayed by a desperate and lonely Hajar. Especially touching and profound is the authors´ recommendation to work hard on understanding the du’as recited as a pilgrim, instead of “simply carrying pamphlets and reciting them in blind fashion without understanding their meaning”. Such a warning is a necessity, as casualness might well impair the sincerity of the appeal, which should come straight from the pilgrim’s heart. In short, this book is truly the perfect companion for a deeply spiritual and personal pilgrimage to the heart of Islam.

  • author: Anis Daud Mathews
  • publisher: Kitab Bhavan
  • isbn: 817151149X
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