A Place Of Refuge

Asmaa Hussein
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A Place of Refuge is a reminder that we need to have faith during adversity & be thankful during prosperity. It is also a reminder that “forging a relationship with our Creator is our true refuge” from any difficulties we may face in this world.

In a series of inspiring essays, Asmaa Hussein unfolds how her lived experiences gave her insight & has shown her a spiritual connection to stories from the Quraan and Sunnah. Her experiences of personal hardships & how she has shown continuous strength & resilience through each challenge is what makes this book so powerful & inspiring. From the everyday involvement of single parenthood to the effects of old traumas, she focuses on the importance of turning to our Creator in all situations.

  • author: Asmaa Hussein
  • publisher: Ruqayas Bookshelf
  • isbn: 9781989079133
  • edition:
  • binding: PB