Foundations Of Islamic Psychology

G. Hussein Rassool & Mugheera M. Luqman
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Foundations of Islāmic Psychology: From Classical Scholars to Contemporary Thinkers examines the history of Islāmic psychology from the Islāmic Golden age through the early 21st century, giving a thorough look into Islāmic psychology’s origins, Islāmic philosophy and theology, and key developments in Islāmic psychology.

In tracing psychology from its origins in early civilisations, ancient philosophy, and religions to the modern discipline of psychology, this book integrates overarching psychological principles and ideas that have shaped the global history of Islāmic psychology. It examines the legacy of psychology from an Islāmic perspective, looking at the contributions of early Islāmic classical scholars and contemporary psychologists, and to introduce how the history of Islāmic philosophy and sciences has contributed to the development of classical and modern Islāmic psychology from its founding to the present. With each chapter covering a key thinker or moment, and also covering the globalisation of psychology, the Islāmisation of knowledge, and the decolonisation of psychology, the work critically evaluates the effects of the globalisation of psychology and its lasting impact on indigenous culture.

This book aims to engage and inspire students taking undergraduate and graduate courses on Islāmic psychology, to recognise the power of history in the academic studies of Islāmic psychology, to connect history to the present and the future, and to think critically. It is also ideal reading for researchers and those undertaking continuing professional development in Islāmic psychology, psychotherapy, and counselling.

  • author: G. Hussein Rassool & Mugheera M. Luqman
  • publisher: Routledge
  • isbn: 9781032005461
  • edition: 2023
  • binding: PB