Izhar Ul Haq (The Truth Revealed)

M. Rahmatullah Kairanvi
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Izhar-ul-Haq is internationally recognised as one of the most authoritative and objective studies of the Bible. It was originally written in Arabic in 1864 by the distinguished nineteenth century Indian scholar, Maulana Rahmatullah Kairanvi in response to the Christian offensive against Islam in British India, And specifically to counter the subversive attack made by the Reverend Fonder in his Urdu book, Meezam-ul-Haq. It was subsequently translated into Urdu and then into English by Muhammad Wali Razi. This is the revised edition of the Wali Razi translation.

  • author: M. Rahmatullah Kairanvi
  • publisher: Ta-Ha Publishing
  • isbn: 9781842001141
  • edition:
  • binding: PB