Me and My Journey of the Heart A5 (Hardcover) By: Shaa'ista Moorad Jogee

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Me & My Journey of the Heart

A beautiful journal and reference book that will make the pilgrim’s journey to Allah memorable and life-altering!

  • The uniqueness of this well-referenced compilation stems from the effortless meshing of the spiritual aspects of ḥajj and ʿumrah with the practical.
    Contents include preparing for the pilgrimage, visiting Madinah, performing ʿumrah, staying in Makkah and embracing the days of ḥajj. There are also invaluable guidelines on how the pilgrim should use their time in the Ḥaramain, structure their duʿā’s, and remember Allah according to the Sunnah of Rasulullah ﷺ.
  • Me & My Journey of the Heart features journal prompts, lined pages for taking notes, and space dedicated to writing down personal duʿā’s, allowing the pilgrim to customise it and make it a one-stop resource they carry throughout.
  • While the author shares information based on her experience of performing ḥajj al-Tamattuʿ according to the Ḥanafi tradition, it does not exclude other schools of thought and those performing the other types of ḥajj from benefitting. It is equally beneficial to those performing ʿumrah only.
  • The author has painstakingly laboured to ensure the appeal is timeless and universal to an international English readership. It has been thoroughly checked and approved by two different scholars.
  • It will serve as a cherished reminder of the special memories created along the way, or as a priceless way of the recipient remembering the giver in their prayers during their journey of the heart.

Me & My Journey of the Heart is a valuable new addition to the range of Islāmic journals by @southafricanmuslimah and @baitulhikmahza, which also include Me & My Qur’an, Me & My Duʿā’s, and Me & My Ramadaan. The pilgrim’s journey to the Ḥaramain will be so much richer for this!


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