Psychology Of Personality -Islamic perspectives

Amber Haque & Yasien Mohamed
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The International Association of Islamic Psychology has republished this classic in Islamic Psychology literature which has been out of print for almost a decade. First published in 2009, the original volume edited by Amber Haque and Yasien Mohamed is now available again, with a new foreword by Abdallah Rothman. Psychology of Personality: Islamic Perspectives is the first edited volume of selected papers on human nature and personality from an Islamic perspective. It includes contributions from authors who were pioneers in the field such as Malik Badri, Syed Naquib al-Attas, and Laleh Bakhtiar, to name a few. The book is an attempt at clarifying the conceptual confusion that resulted in keeping psychology separate from religion, separate from a soul. The authors have incorporated religious and transcendental concepts that shape human personality, which are based on the Qur'ān and the works of early Muslim scholars. The text is timely as modern psychology is demonstrating a new interest in indigenous and alternative perspectives of psychology. This book is suitable for students of Islamic psychology as well as researchers and scholars whose works are related to the Islamic psychology of personality.

  • author: Amber Haque & Yasien Mohamed
  • publisher: IAIP Publishing
  • isbn: 9781737281627
  • edition: 2022
  • binding: PB