The Clear Criterion

Mufti Muhammad Qasim Al-Qasiri Al-Attari
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A contemporary explanation of the Holy Quran based on authentic sources

The work before you is a response to today's need for an accurate rendering of the Quran in English, which unlocks its rich message and guidance, providing not just a translation, but also an authentic exegesis of the Quran which employs the spirit and rigorous framework of Islamic scholarship, drawing on the hadith tradition and other classical sources.  We hope readers will feel a warm connection to the Prophet sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam as they turn the pages and immerse themselves in the fascinating explanations of every verse.  As you progress through this book and grow from merely reading to understanding the Quran, you will experience a relationship with Allah Almighty like never before.

  • author: Mufti Muhammad Qasim Al-Qasiri Al-Attari
  • publisher: Dawat-E-Islam
  • isbn: 9789697224227
  • edition: 2022
  • binding: HB