The Forgotten Haram - 40 Narrations Concerning Jerusalem

Shaykh Faheem
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The book is based upon 40 narrations of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) which describes the virtue and inevitable destiny of Jerusalem. The narrations have been elucidated upon by the author in order for the reader to have a greater understanding of the subject matters derived from these Prophetic Traditions.

The Book tackles as subsidiary issues:

The validity of the existence of the State of Israel
ISIS and its claim to the Islamic Caliphate
Jerusalem in Eschatology
The Prophet Muhammad’s r Night Journey to Jerusalem
Objections and Responses
Jesus (Peace be upon him) as the True Messiah
The Anti-Christ or False Messiah

  • author: Shaykh Faheem
  • publisher: Islamic Lifestyle Solutions
  • isbn:
  • edition: 2015
  • binding: PB