The Prick Of Thorn

Aisha Utz
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The times in which we are living are fraught with wars, natural disasters, and various other tribulations, in addition to the ongoing struggles within our own souls. This book will help the reader to understand the logic of events in a seemingly chaotic world, to comprehend the rationale for seemingly unbearable trials and tribulations, and to implement sound Islamic methodology in finding the most effective coping techniques.
The book's title was inspired by a saying of Prophet Muhammad (saws). Appreciating the wisdom and mercy associated with each trial that we face is the first step toward beneficial coping. Ultimately, tribulations should lead to increased servitude to the Creator, an appreciation of the bounties that He has bestowed upon us, and a level of spirituality that allows us to transcend the challenges that we face.

  • author: Aisha Utz
  • publisher: IIPH
  • isbn: 9786035012119
  • edition: 2014
  • binding: HB