The Sirah Of the Final Prophet By: S.M. Hassan Al-Banna

S.M. Hassan Al-Banna
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This is a simple, concise and authentic account of the life of the Prophet Muhammad by S. M. Hasan Al-Banna. Many books have been written on this subject but this unique book is characterized by the following. - ideal for teenagers, introducing them to the Seerah of the Final Prophet - usage of Arabic terminology ie. Ibadah, Dawah, Shirk, Ukhuwwah - focuses on the Prophets mission and methodology in establishing Islam - comprehensive coverage of all major events - simplicity of language and expression Book Extract - Mission and The Movement The analysis of the above ayahs (verses), provided the Prophet Muhammad three stages for the cause in which he was to strive for: 1. Personal reform, so that one worships Allah alone in totality and avoids all forms of wrong doings and disobedience (Al Islahul Fardi). 2. Impressing on others the reality of their existence and final destiny; that they are Allah's servants and will return to Him after death (DaÆwah and Inzaar); hence establishing the rule of Islam in society (Iqamat ud Deen). 3. Remaining steadfast in the face of difficulties and opposition which afflicts oneself when attempting to reform both oneself and society (As Sabr wal Istiqamah). The Prophet realised from the outset that his mission would be difficult to accomplish. For a period, revelation ceased and the Prophet began to worry, thinking that Allah had forsaken him. However Angel Jibrail came with the following verses: By the forenoon; And by the night when it is still; Your Lord has neither forsaken you nor hated you. And indeed the hereafter is better for you than the present. And verily your Lord will give you so that you may be pleased. Did He not find you an orphan and gave you a refuge. And He found you unaware and guided you. And He found you poor and made you rich. Therefore, treat not the orphan with oppression and repulse not the beggar. And proclaim the grace of your Lord. (Ad-Duha 93 : v 1-11)

  • author: S.M. Hassan Al-Banna
  • publisher: Awakening Publications
  • isbn: 9780953758203
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  • binding: Paperback