Knowledge & Wisdom

Imam Al-Haddad
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The core issue this book so movingly raises is the overriding presence that looms above all humanity, that is, the Hereafter, the ultimate and inescapable destination of all people believers and inveterate deniers alike. Imam al-Haddad, a gifted scholar, and clear-sighted spiritual sage distill's in 40 short essays throbbing reminders of what one must do in his or her short life to prepare for the awesome Standing for the Lord of all being. Toward this most noble of ends, Knowledge, and Wisdom imparts the kind of counsel-candid and sincere that can change a person s life.

  • author: Imam Al-Haddad
  • publisher: IHYA Publishing
  • isbn: 9781939256027
  • edition: 2017
  • binding: PB